French Palmiers 蝴蝶酥

Who love these cute little butterfly pastries? It called Palmiers or elephant ears, butterfly shape look so adorable. It is by far one of the most easiest and foolproof baking treats. It is so nice to look at and great with a cup of tea!

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Creamy Cheese Chicken & Sweetcorn Pasta 芝士忌廉雞肉粟米長通粉

Very simple and delicious pasta dish that you can make it in 15 minutes. Creamy and cheesy sauce seems like go well with anything!

This is a very simple pasta dish with very creamy and cheesy sauce. Of course you can add any protein you like, but for me, chicken with sweetcorn is perfect match! Add loads of cheese is the key and you will love it!

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Chinese Red Date Cake 紅棗糕

Chinese new year is coming, many of us are so busy making Chinese cakes, radish cake, sugar cake (Nian Go) , water chestnut cake….and this red date cake is my favourite. It made of red date paste, not too sweet but with very nice date flavour. 

In Chinese restaurant, they always serve steamed date cake with many layered. This one is just one layer (so much easier!) and you can slice it and pan-fry it with egg. Sooooo yummy!

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Nama Chocolate 生巧克力

This is a copycat of ROYCE nama chocolate,  so yummy that once you bite it, it melt in your mouth.  Seriously every time I just can’t stop eating it until I finish the whole box! 

Actually you can easily made at home, just need 3 ingredients (Yes, really!) and with almost no skills. No baking needed, no fuss and you will have these lovely chocolate. Perfect for Valentine’s day! 

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Chinese Turnip Cake (Lo Bak Go) 臘味蘿蔔糕

Chinese new year is coming! This is my favourite festival, it just give you hope and goal that the new year will be better! Chinese love to celebrate new year with LOTS of food, well actually for every festival! 

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Sachima 黃金薩琪瑪

Sachima is a very popular Chinese pastry, it made of fried strands of batter and stick together with syrup. People like to eat this also in Chinese New Year, they are crispy, sweet and delicious!

I can’t believe actually it is very easy to make Sachima by yourself. You can add some ingredients like raisins, walnuts, peanuts, dried cranberries….They are so yummy and good gift idea for Chinese New Year too!

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Pear & Red Date Sweet Soup 滋潤雪梨紅棗糖水

Winter is here, even in Dubai! I can just feel how dry it is of my skin, throat and whole body! Chinese people believe that drinking sweet soup can help to make your body feel better and healthier.

This is one of the easiest sweet soup perfect for winter – simply with some pears, red dates and wolf berries.  A big pot of sweet soup that you can share with family. Enjoy!

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Cheese Balls 芝士麻糬波波

These are one of my favourite snack, who does’t love cheese balls? These mochi cheese balls are crispy on the outside, chewy at the inside. 

They also sell these lovely cheese balls at bakery, but it is not cheap. If you love these cheese balls, better make it yourself. They are sooooo easy to make and everyone will love it (promise!!!) 

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No-Bake Strawberry Mousse Cup 免焗草莓慕絲杯

Strawberry season is here! Of course, need to add some lovely strawberry in your dessert. No-bake mousse is always the popular one, creamy and smooth mousse with little hint of flavour. Very easy to make,  this time I make the mousse in a cup with a crumble biscuit base, no need to unmold the mousse and it is easy to serve! 

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2-Minute Microwave Omelette 2分鐘馬克杯奄列

YAY! Microwave recipe again! This is one of the shortest and easiest recipe ever, as long as you have a microwave, you are way to go!  I love to make microwave mug cake, who doesn’t like a quick delicious cake right?!  But you can also make something healthy, a quick-to-go breakfast/snack with microwave. This is my favourite omelette recipe, seriously, try and you will know why! 

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